Art 'tis Fun

Themed paintings on canvas or prepasted wallpaper gives a blank wall an open and inviting feel.

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logo wordpress 6We have a Shopify website where I sale the Marouflage paintings and much more. If you have a request for custom mural please email at:

Room4U BC 2

We also except donation for “Room For You”Room For You is a project we started doing in our spare time, from painting to decorative room makeovers for challenged, disabled or terminally ill children and adults. Our main goal is to take people’s ideas, dreams, favorite places or photos and personalize their room into a very beautiful, pleasant, peaceful place. If you know of someone who qualifies for a room makeover please email us at:

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We also make unique decorative planters to grow spouts, herbs, micro greens or leafy greens. The idea is to be able to grow food off grid without little maintenance as possible, such as no need for daily watering. Our slogan for the products is, Keep On Growin’. If you wish to learn more go to “MrDuzee1” on YouTube and watch his entertaining and informative videos.